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in use for the same purpose with dogs and horses.
German racialism is a romantic naturalism and
it contains elements of the reaction of " nature,"
of blood, of the earth and the spirit of the
people, that is telluric forces against the power
of technics. But it uses the methods of modern
technics and apes the approach of the Soviets.
Sterilization, eugenics, the prohibition of mixed
marriages, state interference with personal lifeó
all these are far-from being developments of
natural life. This is a most completely planned
and dehumanized technical civilization. Purely
zoological instincts, romantically idealized and
transformed into a naturalist mysticism are
equipped with modern civilized technique.

This new emergence of nationalism and racial-
ism is paradoxical because we live in an epoch
so universalist that it greatly resembles the
Hellenistic age. Everything has planetary signi-
ficance. And against this background of basic
universalism the particularism of modern racial
and national movements stands out sharply. Such
things as completely closed, isolated, autarchic
groups no longer exist: everything goes on
under the eyes of the whole world. Modern
technics have a universalizing and unifying char-
acter; they remain the same in any form of
Nationalism. There is no such thing as organic
originality. Thus the nationalism of Eastern